Open Source Projects

  • proptypes-parser

    PropTypes parser / generator for React and React Native with GraphQL-like syntax.

  • react-hat

    A higher order component for react-helmet that auto fills favicon, og, twitter meta tags for SEO.

  • Seri

    A JavaScript (Node.js) serializer / deserializer with custom class support.

  • graphql-rule

    Rule based access / authorization / permission control for GraphQL type fields.

  • RoModel

    A lightweight and unopinionated model-based data accessor / enhancer library.

  • graphql-input-string

    A configurable GraphQL input string type with sanitization and validation.

  • graphql-input-number

    A configurable GraphQL input number type with sanitization and validation.

  • graphql-relay-connection

    A GraphQL Relay connection that can be configured by custom cursor functions. Can be used for MongoDB, Mongoose, plain objects, scalars, or any data formats.

  • graphql-fetcher

    A GraphQL data fetcher using fetch API.

  • react-native-router-relay-todo

    A todo app written in React Native using react-router-native and relay.

  • s3-policy-middleware

    Express Middleware for Amazon AWS S3 Upload Policy Generator with Signature Version 4.

  • jwt-node-decoder

    Decodes JWT (JSON Web Token) and checks expiration date. A Node port of angular-jwt.

  • rn-json-store

    A thin wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage to easily write and read JSON values.

  • s3-policy-v4

    Amazon AWS S3 Upload Policy Generator with Signature Version 4.

  • firebase-encode

    Encode and decode firebase key string to escape and unescape unsafe characters (.$[]#/).

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